Everything is dull and bleak since the pandemic stopped the world to a halt. But here is some adorable news for you to cheer up! This wonderful news is comes from the New Jersey adventure aquarium. Five new faces are now on the list of residents there. They are a very special type of animals, they are Blue Penguins!

They are there for the public to observe since the International Mother’s day and they have been attracting a lot of visitors, just because of them. Scroll down to check out the cuteness of these, not one, but five baby blue penguins!More info & Photo courtesy: Adventure Aquarium.

#1. Meet these adorable cuties.

These blue penguins are the world’s smallest type of penguins. These blue penguin babies now go to the little blue beach. They get to be comfortable with the water and to build their practice for swimming. They are named; Fairy, Siren, Pixie, Phoenix and Griffin.

#2. Check this video out!

They were born in few consecutive months. One after the other, but all of these five beautiful little babies are adorable as equals. The Aquarium staff has the temperature of the area where the penguins roam. They are set to the levels of the Nothern Hemisphere where they breed.

#3. The youngest of the crowd.

Furthermore, there are a lot of variables when you have resident penguins. The air flow, humidity, temperature and a lot of other elements should line up to bring up penguins in a area where they are not native.

#4. They are now open to the public to witness this cuteness.

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