Babies are adorable creatures who do adorable things all the time, no matter what species it is. So, it is no different with Owl babies as well. These owl babies are also known as Owlets and they are so cute!

People have not known much about baby Owls until a certain Twitter post went viral. No one knew that these cute little babies could get a huge piece of internet attention like this. Scroll down to see what the fuss is about and comment down your thoughts in the comments section below!More info & Photo courtesy: wibd


These adorable babies sleep on their bellies! Yes, it is true! This is a normal sleeping posture of a baby owl! Mainly, the reason for this is that these babies have a large head when they are young and it is pretty hard to balance it off when they are asleep. So, since they live on nests and branches of trees, they lie down on their bellies, resting their heads on the floor as well.


This picture shows the awkward position that these little Owlets sleep in and also a special thing in this picture, you can see the legs of these baby owlets! No one usually sees owl legs.

These babies sleep on their bellies and stretch out their legs since they sleep on higher elevations, they have to make sure that they don’t fall off. So, to get the balance that they require, they stretch they legs out.


Aren’t these little sleeping baby owls adorable?

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