Owls are one of the most fascinating birds in the animal kingdom with around 220 different species. Owls are a set of mysterious birds that easily grasp the attention and the curiosity of the bird watchers or of the people who travel across an area where owls are living.

Normally, owl’s hoot can frighten people. That’s why the directors use owls in horror movies and ghost cartoons as a sign of fear. But, I started loving owls after watching the 1st movie of the Harry Potter series.

And in most of the animal cartoons, the directors take owls as the most intelligent animals. For example, Mr. Owl is the wise, knowledgeable teacher of Franklin and his friends in the cartoon series Franklin. A fun fact about owls that makes the above statement much stronger is that a group of owls is known as a parliament. Owls can also rotate their necks 270 degrees and their fake eyeballs provide binocular vision which helps hunt their prey easily.

But, have you ever heard or noticed in documentaries that baby owls sleep face down as their heads are so heavy?

This truth was revealed by a journalist called Mark Rees as he uploaded a photo on his Twitter feed on the 21st of June 2020. The way how the baby owl sleeps in that photo looks so cute and this tweet has received 140.6K likes and 1.6K comments.

Simply, the baby owls sleep exactly the same as human babies. Their heads are larger than their bodies and since they are so small, these owl babies can’t maintain their balance while sleeping. Because of that, they lie down when they are sleeping. This sleeping posture changes when they step into adulthood. But if they maintain this habit for a longer period of time, they will stick to it forever.

#1 How They Sleep Is So Cute

This cute owl is sleeping
Image Source: Flickr

#2 When You Can’t Get Rid Of That Childhood Sleeping Habit!

sleeping owl
Image source: Flickr

#3 Owl Baby Bros Are Sleeping Together

sleeping siblings
Image Source- Flickr

#4 The Yawning Owlet

The yawning owlet
Image Source: Flickr
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