A recent survey revealed that 74% of parents living in America hire a babysitter at least once a month. Most of the parents are very careful when hiring a babysitter for their children. As a natural instinct, every parent feel worried when they have to leave their child in someone else’s care. Sometimes it is not only the parent that needs to be worried but also the babysitter themselves when accepting a child to babysit. If you are a babysitter, this is a “must read” article to understand why some parents are very hard to trust.

Internet user Twatermellon shared a shocking story of a former day-care employee who had one strict policy that every babysitter in her company had to adhere. Reading her story will make you understand why such policies are important and justifiable. Scroll down to see what this babysitter had to tell (Facebook cover image: Mad Ball).

This former day-care employee shared a shocking story about why the babysitters had to follow one strict rule before accepting someone’s child to babysit.

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The babysitter further explained the importance of adhering to the said policy.

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Judging by the comments, it was evident that people were very concerned about the abusive guardians and the children who might experience this type of a behaviour.