A backrest pillow is very useful as it supports your lower spine and sides when you are seated in an upright position. It is comfortable to use, supportive, and solid.

A high padded armrest on either side of the pillow allows it to remain propped up even without it having to lean against anything. Some variants have additional features such as cup-holders and side-pockets, as well as adjustable headrests and armrests. Some luxury models even have reading lights and back massagers.

How Does a Pillow with Arms Work?

Also known as a pillow with arms, a backrest pillow can be used when reading, watching television, playing video games, or using a device like a tablet or a phone. Its armrests and back support take the place of a chair when you don’t want to sit in one.

It is also of great use to people who spend a lot of time in bed, such as the elderly and/or the sick, as well as toddlers who are just learning to sit upright. Backrest pillows are portable so you can carry them and use them wherever and however you want. They can be placed on large couches and even on the floor. This flexibility makes them ideal for pregnant and nursing women.

Why Use a Pillow With Arms?

In the modern world where much of our time is spent sitting down either in front of a television, computer, or desk, it’s hard to neglect how such mannerisms will affect our physical health in the long-term. Remaining seated for hours at a time places quite a lot of strain on your back.

When you sit down in a chair, your hip flexors are shortened and your gluteus muscles (found in the buttocks) get overstretched. It’s because the human body was just not designed to be in this position, motionless and inactive for long periods of time.

The human spine was designed to support pressure head-on, supporting your head against the forces of gravity, but sitting down messes with the spinal alignment. To compensate for this unnatural pose we subconsciously assume a slouching posture to reduce strain on our lower spine. Over time, this can lead to injury and chronic back pain.

Backrest pillows provide that much needed lumbar support for your lower back.

Picking Your Backrest Pillow

A backrest pillow should support the lower back area comfortably and unobtrusively while you are seated upright. You should still be capable of moving your waist. It should also be sturdy enough to support your weight, but plush enough that you are comfortable sitting in it for extended periods of time.

Look for pillows made of durable, easy to wash material. A better option is to go for removable slip pillow covers that can be changed and washed or bought replaced separately. This will protect the pillow from wear and tear and from acquiring hard to remove stains.

Backrest Pillows

Backrest Pillows Might Just Be the Solution You Need

Chronic back pain is one of the most commonly reported issues for those who spend a lot of time sitting down. With a backrest pillow, you can better support your spine and sit comfortably.

Be sure to pick the best quality pillows with arms for the best health benefits and quality rest time.

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