The American Hair Loss Association estimates that approximately 2/3 of men lose their hair by age of thirty-five years old. Besides, 85% of them will experience great hair loss by age fifty. And if you struggle with depression it will lead to early balding around the age of twenty or twenty-two.

Furthermore, bald men are considered to be stronger, more dominant and more masculine. They should embrace it by shaving their hair off rather than concealing hair loss. It is a fact that a shaved head grows stubble at the same rate as well as in the same manner as a shaved face. Men shouldn’t try to hide their baldness by wearing a toupee or a comb over.

Scientific study has shown recently that bald men are more masculine compared to those that have a full head of hair. Bald men are much more dominant and stronger. Perhaps balding is not such a big deal after all maybe it’s a reason to be proud about.

In general woman thinks that men with a shaved head as more confident. Gradually many people have started accepting shaved heads.

Men that start losing their hair are advised to totally shave it off, once they see it. In case you have the same problem, it might difficult you to accept baldness as you have never seen yourself without hair in front of a mirror or aren’t used to see yourself without hair. But when you finally accept, you’ll be more confident surely.

If you are not feeling odd to walking around with a shaved head, it simply means that you’re comfortable and confident with yourself. It goes without saying that most women also love it. Besides when you have a conversation with females, they may pay attention to your hair. But, with a shaved head, they’ll look at your eyes. You might establish a harmony more quickly with this eye contact.

Don’t make yourself embarrass in case you’re balding or bald already, you should love who you are as there are many that love it even you didn’t know.