Barbie dolls have been a landmark in the children’s and family entertainment genre. Here they are back again doing something really inspirational and a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the healthcare industry.

Mattel, the company which creates Barbie dolls has created new 6 dolls which were inspired by 6 female healthcare workers. They battled against the COVID-19 virus which took the world by storm. The company wanted to give out a set of dolls that can inspire children by real-life superheroes who don’t wear capes. When looking into the details of what they have done, they surely are heroes. Not only them but every healthcare personnel who contributed themselves to battle tirelessly to save lives should also be celebrated. Scroll down to read more and to check out this awesome set of dolls.More info & Photo courtesy: Mattel | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube |BarbieFacebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube





Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa is from Canada. She was a Psychiatrist at the University of Toronto. She fought against the virus and also issues of racism at the same time.



Professor Sarah Gilbert is a professor in Vaccinology at Oxford University, England. She was a co-founder of one of the leading vaccines in the world; AstraZeneca.



Dr. Kirby White from Australia is also one of the people who got modeled into a doll. She founded the gown for the healthcare workers to wear as PPE when treating the infected people.



Amy O’Sullivan is a nurse who attended the first COVID patient in Brooklyn, New York.



Dr. Audrey Sue Cruz worked in Las Vegas to battle against the virus while dealing with Asian-hate at the same time.



Dr. Jaqueline Góes de Jesus took part in researching the gene sequence of the COVID virus in Brazil.


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