One hot afternoon, you decided to take a shower to cool yourself. Once you got in your bathroom, you noticed that a lot of stuff was lying around on the floor and the sink top. That was when you knew that you needed to fix your bathroom. Lo and behold! This list has ideas that are sure to make your bathroom better.

Zenna Home Drop Door Over Toilet Storage Spacesaver

The concept of having storage above your toilet is one of the best bathroom storage ideas on this list. It comes with a drawer and a small, two-door cabinet where you can put items you want to hide, like toilet rolls or cleaning materials. Between the drawer and the cabinet is also a shelf-like space where you can put your other things or a potted plant for display.

The drop door storage is painted white, which can go in any bathroom setting. It is also perfect if your bathroom tends to get wet all over because the material used to make the storage is manufactured wood, which would assure you of its durability even in those conditions.

SPACEKEEPER 4 Tier Slim Storage Cart

This bathroom storage is excellent for a bathroom that has a smaller space. The cart can fit anywhere in the room because of its slim structure, even in a tight area. It has four tiers, so you can still put a lot on it even though it’s thin.

It also has hooks on one of the sides so that you can hang hand towels or loofas on it. The cart’s container part is made up of plastic, and the supports are stainless steel making it light great in a bathroom setting. On top of that, the best part is that the rack also has wheels, so if you decide on moving it, it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Honey-Can-Do 4-Tier Metal Bathroom Space Saver

Spacesavers are a thing of the future. Most homes don’t utilize the space above their bathroom toilets, and it’s a waste, especially if you want that extra storage or areas where you can display things. Thankfully, space savers were invented.

This particular one is metallic made and has four tiers of shelves. The shelf itself is also metal and has a design similar to a cooking grid on a grill. This type of structure makes the frame lightweight and avoids water pooling on the inside compared to other containers.

Spirich Home Slim Bathroom Space Saver

If you’re looking for a cabinet that’s thin but can still accommodate most of your bathroom needs, then this spacesaver may be the one for you. Made with manufactured wood, the cabinet exudes simplicity and class.

The storage has two drawers. The one on top is a small drawer where you can put medicine and other smaller items. The bottom one is larger and has space to put a long toilet roll, and has two racks. On the top of the cabinet is also a small compartment for additional storage.

ALL ZONE 4 Tier Over Commode Shelving

I’m sure you’ve guessed it from the name, but here is another storage to put on top of your toilet. This four-tier commode shelving has a different design compared to the others on the list. The make is stainless steel with a coat of paint that doesn’t peel and makes it waterproof.

The posts where the shelves are connected are installed from top to bottom. Another unique trait that this shelf has is that the shelves’ width is adjustable, making it fit perfectly to any toilet size your bathroom may have.

SODUKU Wall Mounted Storage Shelves

Do you know which part of the bathroom is rarely used for storage? The walls. This wall-mounted shelving is fantastic if you want to beautify your bathroom at the same time. The shelving doesn’t look bulky, and it seems like it’s floating because of its structural design.

The shelf itself is made out of good wood, particularly top-quality pine wood, and is made to be resistant to heat and water. It also has metal underneath where you can hang towels and similar objects.

iDesign Med+ 12″ Vanity Bathroom Accessory

Are you the kind of person who puts their toothbrush and toothpaste on the sink? With this storage idea, you won’t have to anymore. This bathroom vanity accessory will fit on any countertop in your bathroom.

It has eight compartments of varying sizes, so anything from a bottle of meds to toothbrushes to a contact lens container can be put inside it. It’s made out of clear plastic and a speckled opaque plastic bottom.

bathroom storage ideas


Wanting to make one’s bathroom seem spacious and beautiful is something everyone should do. You take your baths and clean yourself there, so you want it to be clean and organized as well. Hopefully, you use any of these seven storage ideas to make your bathroom better or, at least, get some inspiration from them.

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