Finding real love and experiencing it, is something really rare nowadays. And that has the power to change your life. As soon as you feel it, it will make you understand things you haven’t even realized before.

It is something that worth waiting for. Love is an emotion that needs to be experienced fully by experiencing it, We will understand the meaning of our existence.

But also know what you deserve and never settle for something less than that. Be alone until you find a person who genuinely cares about making you happy.

1. Choose to be with someone who is not afraid to express their deepest emotions.

In love a person should undress their soul in front of their partner and need to reveal their deepest secrets and flaws. If they doubt of doing that, That is not love.

2. Be with someone who makes you feel things you never felt before.

When the right person comes you feel the things like you have never felt before. The butterflies in your stomach will go crazy. You will feel excitement inside your fragile, beautiful heart. And your smile will shine brighter like never before. Choose to be alone until you feel it in your gut.

3. Be with someone who is proud to have you.

Life is too short to waste on wrong people. So be wise enough to choose the man who will cheer for you every step of the way. Be with someone who embrace the glorious mess you are.

4. Choose to be with a person who can’t imagine his life without you.

Choose a man who can’t imagine his future without you. Don’t ever settle for a man who believe that ‘ There are plenty of fishes out there in the sea’.

5. Stay single until you find someone who fully embrace and loves your flaws.

Settle for someone who is willing to accept your individuality. No one is perfect. We all are human beings with flaws in our lives. Choose a man who can accept your flaws.

6. Choose to be with someone who can’t stand to be apart from you.

The person who truly loves you would enjoy seeing you everyday and that person will never leave you. He won’t be able to stand by not seeing you even for a day.

7. Someone who always calls to check on you.

Love knows no limit and the right guy will make you realize it and he will find time to see you. Stay single until you meet the love of your life.

8. Stay single until you find a person who proves that true love exists.

You might feel true love doesn’t exist but it does. And it can be found in most unusual places. So the right guy will make you feel that.

Guard your soul and mind until you find this person.