Some campers were away from their tents, maybe going on a hike or swim and while they were gone, this backwoods bandit bear snuck into their campsite and opened up their cooler full of cold brews and taken 36 beer cans.

This incident took place at Swift Creek Campground, which is located approximately half-way up Baker lake is often used by campers as daytime and overnight camping facility. This strange event was taken place recently, the evidence was discovered after they found the bear passed out with a trail of empty beer cans leading back to the campsite. A total of 36 cans were found with bite marks and bear claw punctures in them. What’s even funnier about the situation is the bear was only interested in a specific type of beer called Rainier Beer. When investigating the scene it was found the bear opened one Busch Beer and didn’t like it because he left the rest of them untouched. However, he drank all of the Rainier Beer.

“He drank the Rainier and wouldn’t drink the Busch beer,” said Lisa Broxson, bookkeeper at the campground.

When the park officials tried to chase it away from the campground the bear was stumbling so bad it couldn’t walk straight and climbed a tree to take a nap. Several hours later it woke up and park rangers were able to safely remove the bear.

The Bear Drinks Beer Funny Video

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