If you recently bought an ATV, there is a high chance that you are loving it and want to take care of it so that you have it as part of your fleet for years to come. And since your ATV is a significant investment just like your house or car, you want it to last as long as it possibly can. One of the greatest mistakes ATV owners make is that they overlook routine maintenance despite the hostile terrains these machines tread on, on a daily basis. A little TLC on your ATV in the garage can save you thousands of dollars in the future. For all your minor repairs, routine services, and major ATV repairs, Tokyo Mods is your plug for your engine parts, tools, chemicals, wheels and brakes, and all other service parts that your ATV needs to be race-ready. 

Beginners Guide To Maintaining Your ATV

Here are a few beginner tips to maintaining your ATV

  1. Read The User Manual

The first thing you need to do is to get yourself a copy of the user manual. If you cannot access the hard copy of the manual, look for a softcopy online preferably on the manufacturer’s website. The manual is very important for a beginner as it contains information about the security of the ATV, child safety, car care, fuel and refueling, and remote controls. 

The user manual is your guidebook when starting out as an ATV owner. You will be surprised to discover the most common problems that you experience with your ATV such as unlocking a jammed door or changing a flat tire are clearly explained in the owner’s manual. 

  1. Follow The Break-in Procedure

After leaving the assembly line with your new ATV, you might be tempted to go out and spin in mud pits and see how fast you can go with your ATV. However, it is advisable to avoid going more than half throttle at least for the first ten hours of use. Give your ATV time to get used to running and also allow the bike’s oil and other fluids time to flow properly. Many new and enthusiastic ATV owners have paid hefty repair bills while their bikes are still new because of making this mistake. Don’t become the next victim; read the user manual and follow all the break-in procedures.  

  1. Routinely Wash Your ATV

As a new ATV owner, having mud all over your ride tells people that you are having the time of your life and enjoying every experience with your ATV. However, ensure that once you get home, you wash off all that mud and dirt. This is because mud can trap moisture which in return can affect your ATV’s Paint. Mud can also penetrate into the air filter and this can affect your engine performance. Giving your machine a good wash after every ride will go a long way in preventing these issues. 

Beginners Guide To Maintaining Your ATV

  1. Always Check Your Tires

Checking your tires before you take your ATV for a ride will save you from unexpected issues such as having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Tire issues can also lead to serious damage and can even cause a serious accident.  Before you leave, always confirm that all your tires are in good condition. Look out for dents on the rims, cracks, and low tire pressure. If you notice that your tires are going low while riding, pull over immediately and fix the problem right away. Always have a tubeless tire patch kit at hand to help you deal with such emergencies.

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