Relationships are very tricky. Sometimes they are difficult to navigate. Sometimes you’ve might been in one too long to realize it’s not right. Sometimes you might get so comfortable with unhappiness that you forget what happiness looks like, or don’t feel like you can do better.

Love is something so beautiful, yet very complicated. We can never make someone our soul mate or our twin flame if they aren’t meant to be. Obviously, there are people who we wish we could work things out with, but that does not mean those people are supposed to be our life partners.

We should not sacrifice everything for people who do not belong in our lives. We shouldn’t let anyone hold us from reaching our life goals. We should not be with anyone who does not support us to grow. We need to accept that being single is sometimes a better option than living with a person who holds you back.

I admit that, in the current day and age, it is not easy to be single. I do not necessarily think that we should not be open to new people or give chances for those who are actually deserving to be a part of our lives. What I think is, we should not be so eager to jump the gun when choosing a partner for a relationship. Just because you are single, or became single, you shouldn’t drive right into a new person.

One of the biggest issue in the modern day is that we define love in most foolish ways. We fall right into toxic relationships and for some reason, we think they are the ones who are supposed to be with us till the end of our time. Those who abuse you, make you feel ugly, crazy and unwanted do not deserve a place in your life.

Sometimes we feel scared that we may never find the partner in our dreams to create the life we always wanted. We in return lower our standard to be with a person who does not have the qualities you always expected. This is always the wrong route to take when it comes to relationships.

I admit that this topic is a bit controversial and it’s a topic that needed to be discussed for quite a while now. You deserve much more than anyone who abuses you in any way. You do not have to rush things, the person who is meant to be with you will eventually make their way towards you. We should always focus on developing our lives in the meantime rather than worrying about being single because being single is a wonderful thing and being in a wrong relationship is not.

The world is full of wonderful things and there is so much more to life than dating. Be single and embrace the world and everything it has to offer you. You deserve someone who mirrors your soul, not someone who breaks your mirror or wants to change who you are.