We all have come across an annoying friend or sometimes it’s us that annoys our friends, either way, best friends are the people who we can be silly comfortably, For the last several months, a large visitor has been hanging out in the waters of Hammerfest, Norway, some believe that this beluga whale might have been trained to spy by the Russian military, but somehow this whale seems to be distracted from its’ mission because of seagull.

This random seagull on the surface of the water had piqued the whale’s interest.

The other day, while Johansen was walking near the Hammerfest waterfront he spotted this beluga whale acting silly and trying to befriend with a seagull.

“He kept trying to play with the seagull,” Johansen said. “it is a very special event. I think all who look [at the video] think it was very fun but are also surprised he was so gentle. But what was shown in the video was only half of the show between the two. He [the beluga] swam under the seagull and blew bubbles up to get attention and after, taking water in his mouth and spraying on the seagull. Never seen any similar behavior.”

This video of beluga whale annoying a seagull shows how silly animals can be and it is funny to watch,

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