When you are writing a blog anonymously it becomes important that you connect with different kinds of people but with a similar mindset. Achieving this is extremely possible because of the discourse communities.

These discourse communities encourage people of similar mindsets to connect and express their ideas and perspectives without any fear. Most of the bloggers choose to be part of the discourse communities as they would be able to understand the kinds of topics that are being discussed without any inhibitions.

While some of the communities restrict the users to discuss a certain topic there are a lot of discourse communities that appreciate different kinds of genres being discussed? Being part of a discourse community can be a little expensive depending on the community rules and policies.

However, if you want to become an anonymous blogger who is looking forward to make money through your blogs it is a nice idea to join these kinds of discourse communities.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons for anonymous bloggers to become part of the discourse communities.

  • To Generate Innovative Ideas

anonymous bloggers

As already mentioned, the people on the discourse community would be freethinkers and they would be coming up with their own perspectives and opinions about a certain topic. Building content using these ideas for a writer can be one of the easiest things to do especially when you are an anonymous blogger.

As a blogger you might be searching for different kinds of ideas and generating them all by yourself can be one of the most difficult tasks. In situations like these being part of a discourse community is going to make your job easier.

  • Sharing of Links

If you are an anonymous blogger, you would certainly be looking for readership because writing anonymous blogs might not attract larger audience like a conventional blog or website like Huffpost. In order to monetize your blogs, you can always choose the discourse community to speak about the blogs that you’re writing.

Some of the communities would also allow you to share the link to your blog post depending on the approval from the admin. This is another benefit that every anonymous blogger can get when they are part of a discourse community.

  • Get to Meet Likeminded Individuals

anonymous bloggers

In order to work on your ideas, it is important to share your thoughts and perspectives with someone at least once or twice. Especially when you are developing content on a controversial topic, seeking opinions and guidance from people who are like-minded would help you to develop better write-ups.

When you speak to your friends or relatives it can become difficult to persuade them to understand your ideas. With the existence of the discourse communities, you would certainly stumble upon like-minded people who would appreciate your thoughts and might even encourage you to come up with many blog posts on the same theme.

You Can Contribute to Greater Good of Society

A lot of discourse communities encourage their uses to spread awareness about the social issues and if your blog focuses on certain social issues you would be given complete freedom to express the topic in front of a large group of audiences. Using this platform, you are not only going to popularize your blog post but, you can also use it as a source to get income.

  • It’s Good to be a Part of an Unknown Group and Contribute Positively

contribute positively

As already mentioned, there are different kinds of discourse community groups. Some are extremely responsible towards making a positive impact on society while others create negative influences.

As a blogger, it is essential for you to be a part of a community that can help you to grow positively and also impact you to create useful write-ups. You have a lot of responsibilities to play in the society and if you get negatively influenced then you are most likely going to impact a lot of other people who visit your blog through your negative posts and thoughts. This will definitely not be going to help you in the long run.

  • Communication Becomes Effective

•	Communication becomes effective

The idea of forming discourse communities is to exchange communication between like-minded people on various topics without any restrictions and inhibitions. When an anonymous blogger joins discourse communities they would improve on a lot of skills.

Along with the writing skills and the connect that you build, you would develop communication skill as well. This is because of the kinds of people a blogger meets and the topics that they discuss. About.the

People in the discourse community are free to discuss anything starting from professor till sidewalks and graffiti. With communication skills, the knowledge accumulations would increase and this helps a blogger to come up with different kinds of blogging topics which can help the other people in turn.

These are some of the benefits every blogger can gain by being part of the discourse communities.

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