Eyeglasses are an essential part of everyday life these days, whether you wear out of fashion or with an intention to protect your eyes, these frames add on to your personality. Eye glasses are available in endless styles, colors and shapes these days, making in fun to wear for fashion enthusiasts, especially women. Adding a pair of well fitted eyewear is seen as a necessary piece of accessory which enhances the overall look of the wearer. These pair of glasses are created to protect your eyes even when you are working long hours in front of computer or digital screens, while you are indoors and keeps dirt and dust away while you are outside. They work as a great shield against harmful UV rays. You can count on plenty of benefits for the wearer than disadvantages.

Best Eyeglasses Frames For Women

Types of Eyeglasses

There are basically three types of eyeglasses or lenses. Vision correcting lenses which are created for achieving consistency in focal power for people with vision conditions use such lenses. Then there are progressive lenses which are worn for more than one reasons, they will not only correct your vision but will have progressive power from top to bottom without any clear demarcation and lastly we get concave lenses to help correct myopia or near sightedness. To sum it up and in simple words there are single vision, bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses to choose from.

Must try Eyeglass trends

Although now a days there is a style to go with almost every mood you are into, you could match every outfit you wear with pair of trendy eyewear which will not only take care of your eyes, vision and protect but will add a fashion statement. There are prescription cateye glasses, Clear eye glasses, bright see through nude glasses, large round glass or vintage glasses, tortoiseshell glasses and the most popular among fashionista’s are the 70’s oversized square glasses.

Choosing the best eyeglasses for yourself

Well, with so many options it does get little tough to choose a good eyeglass these days but there are simple rules you could still follow to narrow down your search and simple not end up going for a prescription cateye glasses. The spectacle frames are available in different materials such as nylon, few metals, xylonite, acetate, wooden and titanium and many more to suit your style and need. While each on has their own benefits, people generally go for impact – resistant lenses, which are made of polycarbonate.

Choosing the right frame

With so many options out there in the store, it almost gets very tedious so much that we either leave the decision totally on the sales person in the store or end up picking something which we regret taking. However, difficult it might seem, there are few easy steps you could follow to make the most of your visit to an eyeglass store. Firstly you must know your face shape, whether it is oval, round, square, triangular or hear shaped, then you will need to match the right frame style for yourself such as round, cat eye, rectangle, wayfare, square, aviators, geometric, bowline or oval. If you have an oval face you are lucky as most of these frame styles would look just great on you. Then comes the lifestyle and choice of color if you narrow down your choice in this manner I am sure you will have a great pair of eye glasses.

Best eyewear glasses for women in 2022

Best Eyeglasses Frames For Women

This year we seem to have evolved more as an individual and if you around you everyone is flaunting a personal style statement. It is a great time when a woman is celebrating her multi talented individual being and success in every sphere of life. Where the new bold designs are apt to show off her independent mind there are vintage styles to flaunt to show her respect for the past heritage. 

No matter what style color, style or material you choose, don’t miss out on the main function or purpose of your investment. Going for style is great but going for cheaper versions can be a great compromise in quality and off course you know once the quality is compromised there is nothing safe for your eyes, which are sensitive and most important part of you.

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