Are you searching for the best classic luxury watch that will suit your needs? Then you should check IWC Portofino classic luxury watches. Just like other famous brands out there, IWC offers the best of the best luxury watches that you will not often see. Sit back, and take your time reading this article.

Portofino Automatic

IWC Portofino has been making the very best timeless classic luxury watches, and one of their best line of luxury watches is the Portofino Automatic. This luxury watch has a very high-quality black alligator leather strap, which complements its very luxurious design. The gorgeous gold hands on its silver-plated dial also provide extra bling to it.

Besides the black leather strap, you can also have the optional Milanaise mesh stainless steel bracelet strap, which is also a very head turner. You can depend on its very reliable mechanical automatic movement in terms of durability, which ensures long-lasting usage. The 40mm high-quality stainless-steel case is also perfect for any occasion.

On the specification side of things, the IWC Portofino Automatic uses a 35111 caliber combined with a self-winding Automatic movement plus a power reserve of 42 hours. On its front, it has an exquisite date display covered by a very durable sapphire glass added with anti-reflective for better time viewing.

Best IWC Portofino Luxury Watches That You Need To Check

If you’re the type of individual who requires a luxury watch for his or her daily use, then the IWC Portofino Automatic should be the one on the top of your lists. It has a straightforward yet elegant design. The overall design offers the perfect balance of minimalist and luxury.

Portofino Chronograph

The IWC Portofino Chronograph is one of the most elegant chronographs that you’ll ever see. It’s very tasteful design cues were taken from the 1960s chronographs style of watches but combined with a little modern touch. The sporty chronograph displays and push buttons also provide a much better look at its overall stylish design.

The Portofino Chronograph is made of 18 carats of gold combined with a stunning silver-plated dial covered by a specially made convex sapphire glass that can withstand any harsh environment. This just means that the Portofino Chronograph does not only have an excellent style, but it also has top-notch durability.

On the technical details, the IWC Portofino Chronograph has a diameter of 42mm with a height of 13.6mm and a water resistance of 3 bar, which is good enough for minor activities on the beach. The Chronograph runs with a 75320 caliber and an automatic self-winding movement combined with an outstanding 44 hours of power reserve.

The watch also has a unique chronograph function with seconds, minutes, and hours. Besides the three o’clock, you’ll also see the day and date display, which is also very useful since most other chronographs do not have this kind of feature. The dark brown alligator leather strap also adds more elegance to the overall design.

Portofino Hand-Wound 8-Days

The Portofino Hand-Wound 8-Days had its name because of its 59210 caliber movement that offers an outstanding power reserve for 8 days, or 192 hours before the watch will automatically stop. This means that the owner only needs to wind his watch at least once a week. You’ll be able to view the remaining power on the power reserve display on the dial.

Combined with the date display and seconds display, they provide the dial a very satisfying equilibrium. The Portofino Hand-Wound 8-Days has an 18-carat gold case combined with very stunning, reliable gold indices and a silver-plated dial. At the back, you’ll notice its dark brown top-quality alligator leather strap and its very remarkable transparent sapphire-glass back.

Looking at its specification, the Portofino Hand-Wound 8-Days has a 59210 Caliber manual-winding movement that produces an astonishing 192 hours of power reserve. The watch is built with at least 215 top quality components and 30 rare jewels. It also features a date display, power reserve display, and sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating.

If you are trying to find a one of a kind classic luxury watch added with a little modern touch, then the Portfolio Hand-Wound 8-Days is a perfect fit for you. The 9 days of power reserve offers excellent convenience, and the power reserve display is a brilliant idea to have in a classic luxury type of watch.

Best IWC Portofino Luxury Watches

Portofino Automatic Moon Phase

The Portofino Automatic Moon Phase is one of the first in the Portofino collection to have a moon phase display in a 40mm diameter body. The case of this watch is made out of high-quality classic stainless steel combined with a magnificent blue night sky and a golden moon that also complements greatly with its silver-plated dial.

On the technical side, the Portofino Automatic Moon Phase runs with a 35800 caliber automatic self-winding movement, which offers a reasonable 42 hours of power reserve. The watch is also built with 170 of premium components added with 25 rare jewels.

Features you’ll get from this luxury watch are the Moon phase display, sapphire glass with excellent anti-reflective on its both sides, and central hacking seconds. The Portofino Automatic Moon Phase is perfect for people that wanted to find a simple yet elegant classic luxury watch.

Add Portofino to your collection

Portofino is indeed a great brand that offers excellent classic luxury watches. Besides these luxury watches that have been mentioned, they also have other classic luxury watches that will get your interest. If you want to know more about Portofino’s classic luxury watches and other luxury watches, just visit The Watch Company.

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