Who lives in this strange house all by one’s self? And how they go shopping for necessities like groceries and medicine? 

There’s a saying called ‘No man is an island’. However, some people would rather live by themselves for the rest of their lives or for a short time. This can be due to certain reasons or no reason at all.

This house is the perfect place for people who want to stay away from the hustle and busy lifestyle. It is situated on the southern coast of Iceland and is known as the best place to survive COVID-19 or any other pandemic because it’s the loneliest cottage on earth.

The island of Elliðaey is part of The group of Islands Called Vestmannaeyjar

There’s Just One House in The Whole Island

And It is Considered As The “Loneliest House in The Earth”

Electricity and other facilities are not available in this small house in Elliðaey. If anyone is interested in trying out an ‘off-the-grid’ lifestyle this house would be the perfect place. Not only this is entitled as the “world’s most isolated home”, but also the best place to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

There Were Many Crazy Stories About This House

When this house is completely secluded from the whole world it leads people to think of many questions like who live there all by themselves? how they go shopping to buy groceries and other necessities? Also, after the pictures of this house went viral more questions were raised and more wild stories started spreading.

There is An Amusing Story About This Lovely House Which Goes Hundreds of Years Back

There are stories about the house which say that it was occupied by a religious recluse. While some stated that a paranoid hermit who’s trying to survive a zombie apocalypse lives there and some told that the cottage was gifted by Bjork, a popular singer from Iceland to a shy billionaire.

Even though these rumors are fake, the Bjork story has a little bit of truth. It’s because he apparently owns a house on a different island in Iceland and it is also called Elliðaey. But this island is different and it is located on the west side of the country.

Elliðaey wasn’t always secluded like this. Before 300 years, which is during the 1700s five families have been living on this island. Apart from fishing and hunting they also did cattle breeding. Ultimately these families left the island around the 1930s because in a secluded society the opportunities are less than in other places.

Who Lives Here?

A cottage was built in 1953 by the members of Elliðaey Hunting Association of Iceland to provide shelter for the hunters who need to hunt puffins. ‘Shelter’ means that this lodge provides basic needs like a roof and shelter from other aspects, which comes in a useful form. Most importantly, this house doesn’t have electricity, indoor plumbing or the internet. Even though this house does not have most of the modern facilities, it does own a sauna.

This Isolated Home Serves As A Sanctuary For A Local Hunting Club

People might wonder how a sauna operates here without any water or electricity. A rainwater store technique in the house is being used for the sauna, cooking, and drinking. Also, a fence around the cottage can be seen which makes it appear more strange.

Even Though The Cottage Looks Secluded The View is Amazing

Only the members of the hunting club and their close friends are permitted to lodge in this house. This means that when the members of the hunting club are not out hunting puffins they come to this house for shelter and sauna.

Even without going inside, getting a chance to see this strange house is enough. What you have to do to catch a glimpse of the house is to drive by in a boat.

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