If you are searching for the simplest and easiest way to enhance the beauty of your website without any ill effects, then your search ends here. In this blog, you will find some amazing tools that would bring another dimension to your business website and help you create a good impression on your visitors.

Best Tools To Embed YouTube Videos On Website

Before we explain the tools, allow us to explain the strategy to help you achieve the goals mentioned above. The strategy is simple  – Embed YouTube channel on the website.

Why You Should Embed YouTube Channel On Website

In this digital age, where consumers are getting more comfortable with online shopping, it has become extremely important for businesses to establish their online presence. And as competition is getting fierce, it becomes even more necessary to have an attractive website.

Visual-based mediums often help in this cause as they make the website lively and appalling. However, people often complain that images and videos affect the website’s speed, which is a legitimate concern in some cases. Hence, we have a great solution, and that is to embed YouTube channel on the website.

Embedded YouTube videos play the media from the source. Hence they do not affect the speed of your website or the storage/resources of your server. Moreover, videos on the website even hold visitors longer on the website, increasing the dwell time.

Various tools provide you with a dedicated YouTube widget that helps you display YouTube channels with ease. But for your ease and to save your time, we are listing the best tools currently available in the market. You can find them with ease and operate them without any hassle.

Best Tools That Enables You to Embed YouTube Video On Website

Who doesn’t like to work with the best, right? And that is why we have listed the best tools that provide you with a YouTube widget that you can add to your website.

1.   Tagembed

Tagembed is one of the best social media aggregator tools in the market. It helps users to collect social feed from their desired source. It then allows users to curate and customize the feed before displaying them on the website. You can use the tool to collect Youtube feeds and then display them using the YouTube widget. The tool is coding-free hence does not require any coding knowledge or coding skills, just a few clicks, and your website will be showcasing a YouTube channel on your website.

Other than easing your embedding process, the tool provides various other features that bring great relevance to this strategy. Like – with the customization feature, you can personalize your widget. For example, you can change the font size, font style, and more to make the widget suitable for your website and your style. And with different layout and themes options, you can choose the one that best suits the theme and style of your website.

Moreover, you can remove all unwanted and irrelevant videos from your YouTube widget with the moderation feature. In simple words – it allows you to display the whole playlist of videos, but there might be some of the videos that you don’t want to add to your website feed. So, with the help of the moderation feature, you can hide these posts.

And as the widget is 100% responsive, it adjusts itself as per the size of any screen. So, it does not matter what device your visitor uses, your videos will play seamlessly.

2.   OnStipe

OnStipe is another amazing coding-free tool that provides you with a YouTube widget that you can embed on your website. All you have to do is curate the YouTube feed using the tool, generate the embedding code and paste it on the backend of your website.

Like Tagembed it provides you with various features such as customization – which allows making desired modifications to the widget. Moderation – to show/hide videos as per your convenience on your website. And with the responsive feed, you can showcase the video on any device without any hassle.

Also, with insightful analytics, you can determine the performance of your feed, which helps you prepare for your future strategies. Finally, by examining the analytics, you can know about visitor engagement and more.

3.   Walls.io

Walls.io is a renowned name in the social media aggregator market. Like the aforementioned tools, it provides a smooth process to collect social feeds from various social media platforms and display them on your website.

Similarly, it also provides you with a dedicated Youtube widget that you can use to display YouTube videos on your website. Moreover, it supports all major website-building platforms and streams the video without any trouble.

Best Tools To Embed YouTube Videos On Website


Adding a YouTube channel to your website can bring a visual appeal to it. In this age of digitalization, people often determine the quality and reputation of a brand based on their websites. Moreover, videos have the power to hold the viewers, explain the message in a better way and remain fresh in the mind of the viewers. So why not utilize them to their greatest potential? Try these tools now, and enhance the charm of your website.

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