Who doesn’t want to dazzle with some elegant luxury watches every now and then? We know that luxury has its own price, but the good news is, that it does not always have to be unaffordable!

We bring to you some amazing timepieces that are sure to suit both – your style and budget.

Best Watches with a Better Price under 2 lac

Here are our picks for the best men’s watches under INR 2 lakh:

  1. The popular TAG Heuer Aquaracer is a great all-rounder. With bold looks and a solid make, these heavy-duty luxury dive watches promise as much functionality as luxury. TAG Heuer Aquaracer is an assurance of precision and reliability, offering style, class, sportiness, and durability. These watches stand shoulder to shoulder with their heavy-weight counterparts for a price that is much more affordable.
  2. Rado HyperChrome collection is all-day wear by the Swiss watch brand. It takes inspiration from vintage timepieces of Rado. In this collection, watch lovers can choose from quartz or automatic movements and from a great range of materials, sizes, colors, and styles. Rado HyperChrome is Hyper-Chic and Hyper-Tech rolled into one. This collection offers elegance with breakthrough technology.
  3. Longines Master Collection has got everything to make a watch enthusiast fall in love with it. You can choose between a stainless-steel bracelet and a leather strap. The dial size ranges from 40 mm to 42 mm with various dial color options. The automatic movement has 64 hours of power reserve. The Longines dial has a date window at the 3 O’Clock position.

Best Watches with a Better Price under 2 lac

4. Seven Friday, with each of its models, offers something that is off-beat. It is bringing to the watchmaking industry, something, which is no less of a revolution, with its innovative designs. The design of Seven Friday S-Series is such that your eye cannot miss it. The sporty look of this watch has a special appeal among young watch lovers. If you are the one with a heart for change and innovations and would love to try a completely new range of designs, then Seven Friday is for you.

5. Tissot T-Sport PRS 516 is a gadget that talks everything about technology, style, sportiness, youth, and vibrance from the first look. It associates you directly with the motorsports race-tracks, which was the inspiration for its origin back in 1960. The case is made of titanium with a size of 45 mm. Tissot watch has an automatic movement with a power reserve of 60 hours.

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