While so many protests and riots are taking the United States by storm, these two best friends, Benjamin Smith and Marcus Ellis have started a unique movement in their own neighborhood. They don’t ‘see’ color. What they feel about friendship is so simple, yet amazing.

For them, friendship is sitting down together for a drink, chatting about work and life, and sharing jokes and memories. Although they come from different backgrounds, it was never an obstacle for their genuine friendship. The reason why they never ‘see’ color is that they only see a good and real friend in each other.

best friends movement
Source: YouTube/WROC

Benjamin is a former marine officer and Marcus is from Long Island, and the pair has known each other for years. According to Marcus, in the present, they can’t even imagine life without each other. He added that they are like Batman and Robin and that they love goofing around, being silly, and having fun without caring about what others think of them.

best friends movement
Source: YouTube/WROC

However, after the tragic murder of George Floyd followed by endless protests, the duo decided to take action in a unique way, to share their opinion among others. This is what Marcus said about the present status of America: “Another one down. It’s pretty sad. People have a right to protest, people have a right to share their voice, but there’s a right way going about things, and a wrong way going about things.”

george floyd protests
Source: Flickr/Chad Davis

Benjamin and Marcus started off their movement by displaying signs which read: “Black or White, relax and have a beer”, in front of Benjamin’s house in Pittsford.

The two guys were very happy because many people showed support to their movement by stopping to chill and have a beer with them. Benjamin, a veteran who has fought for the country, emphasized that this is not the free and just America he fought for.

best friends movement
Source: YouTube/WROC

With pictures of the pair lounging and chilling together spreading all over the internet, their movement has gained quite a lot of attention. This small yet mighty mission suggests that what actually matters is the inside; inner thoughts and attitudes, and not the outward appearance of people. The pair also stated that it’s truly an awesome feeling to make such a huge impact across the community, and eventually, the country.

Last but not least, the pair stated: “What makes change is good people”, which is the absolute truth.

This inspiring movement caught the attention of Brad Paisley, a country music star in the US. Although Brad didn’t meet the guys in person, they had a friendly zoom chat, and the singer also sent beers worth hundreds of dollars to the men, stating: “Man, I am so thrilled to meet you, face to face like this. I’m so inspired by you, and we thought we should deliver more beer than you could possibly drink.” Brad also stated that he aspires to become a spark that initiates change, by educating himself further.

Brad Paisley
Source: Flickr/Lunchbox LP

This movement might sound crazy at first, but these best friends are truly changing the world in their own unique way!

Watch The Video Below To Learn More!

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