A crazy video of a bird carrying a “shark” high above the ocean is going viral in social media, and it’s giving off “Sharknado” vibes. Looking like a scene that’s straight out of Sharknado, will this be the next tragedy of 2020?

Beach goers in South Carolina witnessed this epic sighting on Thursday, when a bird flew above the sea while carrying a giant fish that looks like a shark. The video was captured by Ashley White, a Tennessee native, from the 17th floor of a building. She shared the jaw-dropping footage on the Twitter account named Tracking Sharks. In the video, the eagle-like bird is carrying its successful prey, and the large fish is wiggling and trying its best to escape, but the bird’s clutches are holding it strongly.

Check Out The Video Below

Many people were debating what it caught, and most people’s guess was a small shark. However, upon further inspection, the prey turned out to be a large Spanish mackerel. Also, the bird was a sea hawk, AKA osprey. Osprey is a fish-eating bird, and Spanish mackerels are commonly seen in SC waters.

Ed Piotrowski, the chief meteorologist at WDPE, shared the epic footage on Facebook, joking about how social media users were confused about the two creatures. In response to Tracking Sharks’ request to guess the animals, people were giving wild guesses all week long.

This scene weirdly resembles Sharknado, that even the SYFY channel couldn’t help but tweet: “We always knew this day would come. #Sharknado”

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