Sometimes life becomes stressful, even for kids. Luca Cesternino is a 9-year-old kid where his life been a bit stressful. This boy is from Tennessee and he likes to take taekwondo lessons. He believes that it can burn stress and build his self-confidence.

Luca’s loving father, Staff Sergeant Rob Cesternino, had been deployed abroad since May 2018. He was serving in the Tennessee National Guard in Jordan and Syria for 10 months.

Luca is the youngest of all six siblings. However, when a father is deployed, family life can be tough. The absence becomes a little rawer. The uncertainties become a little more frightening but Rob made sure to call and have video chat with Luca every two weeks when he was deployed.

This video shows how Luca is filmed while one of his taekwondo lessons. His instructor was able to wear a blindfold to heighten his instincts and reaction time but there was another more curious reason for the blindfold.

The blindfold certainly presented Luca with a test as he fought with three different partners. When sparring for the third time, Luca heard the other partner shouting words of inspiration while calling him by his nickname, that nickname was not a common name for Luca. It is only one person who uses that nickname.

Suddenly, Luca realized that his dad has come to his lessons and played as his partner.

Luca recognized his dad’s voice, quickly ripped off his blindfold and yanked off his gloves. He jumped into his dad’s embrace.

However, Rob was given an early announcement to his family but wanted to surprise his youngest child.

Luca was very surprised with happiness. It is amazing!

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