Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world are under lockdown, or urged to stay home and self-isolate themselves. While some people depend on Netflix binges and movie marathons and continuous gaming sessions to kill their boredom, many others are video calling colleagues and practicing work-from-home which somehow involves the internet. So it’s not surprising to see the internet slowing down, due to the sudden surge of traffic.

Though there’s nothing much we can do about this, we can certainly skyrocket our WiFi signal strength to fit these pressureful times by using this super-simple and cheap trick.


A group of research scientists from Dartmouth Chttps://cdn.iflscience.com/images/274f3bbe-ac3c-56ce-9b83-6400a46a9545/content-1586270403-155380-web.jpgollege in the United States originally presented this finding at ACM’s BuildSys event in 2017. They found that sticking a piece of aluminum foil on the router can increase the strength of WiFi signals through a house by over 50%. According to Xia Zhou, an assistant professor of computer science at Dartmouth college, through this simple trick, not only the wireless signals get strengthened, but they also become more secure.

These researchers also suggested that placing a soda can behind a router enhances signal strength, as it reflects the signals efficiently and beams them out in many directions. In an attempt to design a more effective wireless reflector, they invented a curly 3D-printed S-shaped wave lined in aluminum foil, as it was found to be the best in efficiency at enhancing signals.

Research talks and 3D printers aside, this simple trick is really worth trying.

Below is a simple guide to setup your router for better signals.


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