While having an important online conference with her staff, Lizet has mistakenly pressed something and her head became a potato. A Snapchat filter did this, but this ain’t the funniest part.

When the boss was talking with her employees, Lizet was clueless about turning it off. Therefore until the meeting was finished the boss stayed that way. One staff member tweeted this funny moment.

Rach says that at the time of the Microsoft team meeting her boss turned herself into a potato by and had no didn’t know to turn it off. Until the end of the conference, she had to stay like that and her post went viral quickly. Fortunately, Rach’s boss didn’t take the post as offensive because of her good sense of humor.

Moreover, Rach stated she wouldn’t be dismissed from the job for sharing this which is great a story

The joke was taken well by the boss and she even loved it. She added a comical comment, retweeting Rach’s post:

The initial tweet had almost a thousand likes and nearly 200,000 retweets. Some cybersurfers were even curious about how to turn themselves into potatoes for their upcoming online conference call.

Rach pointed out that it was a Snapchat potato filter for Microsoft calls, and that until the end of the conference call the boss couldn’t turn it off.

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