We, as adults, often forget many things we can learn from children. One of those things, which often comes naturally to them, is being kind to yourself. When children see someone in distress, they cannot look back and do everything they can to encourage them. Recently a video has gone viral, showing an elementary school-aged boy with Down’s syndrome, comforting his classmate with autism, which reminded us how easy it is to be kind to one another. Many realize how effective ABA therapy for autism can maximize potential, but be prepared for the wonderful effects of a hug.

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Recently people’s hearts were melted by the adorable video of a boy consoling his crying friend

In a video captured by a teacher at a school in Mexico, a boy comes to his weeping classmate and walks away in tears. The big-hearted boy tied his hair and continued to warm his friend with a big warmth.

By the end of the video, the autistic boy seems to be a little more upset, but still very quiet in the presence of his classmate.

The video has already gained more than 19 million views and has been shared on many social media platforms.

People cannot stop sharing and commenting under the video after touching on the affectionate moment. This act of kindness especially resonates with people with special needs because, for them, it shows something they see every day.

Watch the video below

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