It’s a rare occurrence to hear a silicone breast implant saving lives. But, here it is! There are four other cases that reported breast implants dodging bullets in 1994, 2007, 2014 and 2017. In the fifth case added to the record from Ontario, Canada, a 30-years old woman’s life was rescued by her implants when a bullet (almost) passed through her chest.

She had hurried to the hospital after seeing her own blood, where she was sent to the emergency room and was examined by a trauma doctor. It is not normal for a patient who was shot to be talking and walking finely, and obviously not conscious enough to bring herself to the hospital alone, but this woman was, thanks to her breast implant.

Woman’s breast implant saves her life from a dodging bullet

Later she was examined by the plastic surgeons involved and was taken to the operating room. The plastic surgeon who operated her said in a YouTube video, “The bullet entered her body through the top of the left chest, and surpassed the patient’s implant, through the sternum under the skin, into the right pocket, Then the bullet broke her rib on the right side and came to rest in the subcutaneous tissue.”

Woman’s breast implant saves her life from a dodging bullet

According to The Journal where plastic surgery case studies are published, “Based on the trajectory of bullet entry clinically and evaluation radiologically, the only source of bullet deflection is the left breast implant”. It further added, “This implant overlies the heart and intrathoracic cavity and therefore likely saved the woman’s life.”

Woman’s breast implant saves her life from a dodging bullet

The bullet was shot from a short-range gun which would’ve definitely killed her if not for the implant.

See the video below for Dr. Giancarlo’s own in-depth report of the story.

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