A steady hand, creativity, and the experience of a professional artist are prerequisites for achieving exceptional makeup application. Arber Bytyqi from Kosovo is undeniably among the best in the field. Along with his team, he ensures that each client feels like a princess, deserving of a happily ever after.

Today, we’re showcasing some of Arber’s most breathtaking bridal makeup looks that are bound to leave everyone in awe as these women gracefully walk down the aisle during their wedding ceremonies. Pandas, scroll down and vote for your favorite photos. We’re confident you’ll agree that the brides look just as stunning in the ‘before’ photos as they do in the ‘after’ photos. And please, share your stories of the magical weddings you’ve recently attended in the comments.

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Professional Makeup Artist Arber’s Skills Are So Good That He’s Turned His Name Into A Globally Recognized Brand



His Social Media Following Has Grown to Be Absolutely Phenomenal. Arber Has 531k Instagram Followers as of the Time of Writing



His Fans Are Excited to See the Newest Looks He Has to Share With Everyone. Anyone Interested in His Services Can Easily Reach Him by Phone, Email, or Social Media



Since the Last Time Bored Panda Featured His Looks, the Beauty Influencer’s Following Has Grown by 800k People



Arber Revealed in an Earlier Interview With Us That He Has Always Wanted to Be a Makeup Artist Since He Was a Child



However, He Stated That His Family Was Opposed to His Ambitions. “a Male in the Beauty Industry is Considered Taboo in Our Culture,” He Explained


arber_bytyqi_mua“So, First, I Got a Master’s Degree in Economics, and Then I Followed My Dream and Started Working as a Makeup Artist,” He Explained, Explaining That His Path to His Dreams Has Been a Long One



The Makeup Artist is Still as Enthusiastic About His Work as He Was Before. He Puts in an Extraordinary Amount of Effort. Every Year, He Works With Over a Thousand Brides



“When I Meet With a Client, the First Question I Ask is What Kind of Occasion They’re Getting Their Makeup Done for,” Arber Explained to Bored Panda About How He Works With His Clients



“I Also Inquire if My Clients Have Any Specific Requests. For Example, if They Want a Natural or Dramatic Appearance,” He Explained



“Then I Ask Them to Show Me the Dress They Intend to Wear. The Style of the Client’s Desired Look is Revealed by the Design of the Dress and Its Details. Then I Analyze Their Facial Features,” the Professional Explained Step by Step


Arber’s Line of Work, Like That of Many Other Makeup Artists, Had Been Impacted by the Pandemic. They Had Fewer Customers Than Usual During the Lockdowns



However, Summer is Typically Their Busiest Season. He and His Team Can Work With Up to 60 Clients Per Day, Which is Absolutely Incredible



Arber Told Bored Panda That His Team Consisted of 25 People at the Time. There Are 15 Makeup Artists and 10 Hair Stylists Among Them. As a Result, He is Able to Serve All of the Clients Who Require His Services



The professional makeup artist has been working hard to share his talents with more people. “Some of my students work part-time and some work full-time,” he said, adding that he has trained a number of industry professionals. A true master is one who shares his or her knowledge with others

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