The Olympic Games in Tokyo are taking place after they got delayed by the COVIC-19 pandemic! It is very exciting to see the world reunite for the Olympics once again. It is time for the countries to show their skills and sportsmanship in a global arena.

In a time where will, commitment, wins, and loses are constantly being tossed around. Athletes all over the world train themselves for years and years for this glorious moment with the help of their governments. This story is a bit different but it will inspire everyone not to give up. Meet Bethany Shriever, a British BMX rider who is just 22 years old. She has been practicing her very best to represent her country at the Olympics when the women’s team was dropped due to budget cuts. Scroll down to read the story of this amazingly motivated girl.





The government has decided to focus on the mens’ team by dropping the women in the BMX event due to a budget cut. Without being lost at sea, Shriever fought back to retain her dream and make it true.

She has dedicated too much for her to give up. Since her job as a nursery teacher, her salary couldn’t cover the expenses. So she had no other option than to turn toward a public fund. She opened up a fund in 2019 and surprisingly she managed to cover up the $70,000 through public donations.

Bethany headed straight to Tokyo Olympics and won herself a GOLD MEDAL! She was the first to win a gold medal for Britain in the BMX event for the first time in history! This is a story of sheer will and commitment. We warmly congratulate Bethany Shriever for her win and she sure does deserve the gold for her strong heart.










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