Britney Spears needs no introduction. She is a global music superstar, making her mark in the 90s as well as the 2000s. Her music is still popular globally. But she has been going through a really tough time in her life.

This very successful artist ran into legal issues in 2008 when she was challenged about a matter with the custody of her children while being hospitalized and under psychiatrics’ observation with many more. She was issued a court ordered Conservatorship arrangement. Her father with a group of lawyers could literally control her life including placement of a UID in her, which she cannot remove without their permission. It was too much for her to keep it up for 13 years. Now she finally speaks up to the court to end this unjust order. Scroll down to read more of this story.


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She explained that she took a huge mental toll for 13 years. A lot of fellow celebrities and fans joined her to show their support. There is a lot of discussion and a support for Britney out there and #FreeBritney is trending on a lot of social media platforms.



Britney Spears showed that she does not want to take any legal actions against anyone or sue anyone. She makes herself clear, saying that she wants to have her life back to live, without other people controlling it.



What everybody is pointing out is that legal restrictions should not involve mental abuse. It also becomes physical abuse when she is made to wear a birth control device and not even have a doctor’s appointment to check or remove it without the permission of a board who is controlling her.



Britney fights for her liberty as she continues to receive a lot of public support. Please share your thoughts about this matter in the comments section below.


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