In life, not everyone is lucky to have good eyesight and to see the world properly. Among those who can see everything, there are ones who don’t even have eyes. Even though they have no eyes their life doesn’t stop they keep on growing. 

Many think that without eyesight it’s difficult to live. But there are people who have lived a better life than the ones with good eyesight. Not just people there are animals too. Meet this lovely doggo who cannot see but lives a happy life.More info & Photo courtesy: CatsMyLife


Cabo, a dog who was born with eyes, but now he doesn’t have eyes. His eyes had been removed due to a disease he suffered from. This sweet doggo has become quite famous on TikTok with an account of about 600.00 fans. 


In a world where dogs are treated badly, it’s not an easy task to live without seeing things happening around you. But luckily dogs with no eyesight get adapted easily, so Cabo is also well adapted to the world around him. The fact that he can’t see doesn’t stop him from interacting and discovering the world.



No eyesight is nothing when you have a loving and caring family behind your back. Where people leave their dogs to die when they are diseased Cabo is lucky to have a good family. Similarly, like other dogs, Cabo also receives love and care from his family and he also loves them back. One thing to learn from Cabo is that love is something that can be felt not something that we see.



Make sure to show Cabo some love on  TikTok and  Instagram.

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