Autumn is the season for pumpkins, hot beverages, light sweaters, and watching squirrels run in the leaves merrily. And clearly, when we learned we were overjoyed when we discovered that there was a cat out there with a tail like a squirrel. Meet Bell, a truly magnificent cat with such a wooly tail that you just want to touch to see how fluffy it is. The owner of Bell still has other pets so she is often surrounded by furry friends, feline and canine.

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Meet Bell the cat

She and her fluffy tail

Just like a squirrel

Bell’s ricorico rico owner has over 153,000 people on Instagram following the antics of their pets. Not bogus, folks, the friends of Bell are just as adorable. And the videos of all of them playing together made us smile.

We’d love to see how soft it is

Bell lives in Japan

Bell is 3 years old at the moment and will be turning 4 next May. She is a Minuet (aka the Napoleon cat), a mixture of Persians and Munchkins (that’s right, it’s called a feline breed). Or, meowthematically speaking, Persians x Munchkins = France’s Cat Emperor.


Minuet cats are recognized for their short legs, dense fur coats, and round faces. An interesting fact is that a Minuet can jump, run, and play as agilely as any other cat breed, despite its short legs.


Mostly because Minutes were bred to avoid the various health defects that Persian cats have, such as excessive tear formation, blockage of tear ducts, flattened faces, as well as matting fur coats.


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. I’m hungry?ごはんちょうだいの舞 ベビベルの懐かしい動画を見たい? と、沢山の嬉しいDMありがとにゃ(*´˘`*)♥ 少しずつリポストするにゃ? #ベビベルちゃんシリーズ #ベルすずちゃんおもしろ動画 #ミルクティーファミリー #犬と猫のいる暮らし #ベルちゃん #ミヌエット NAME : Bell ベルちゃん Breed : minuet ミヌエット ? : 2016.5.15 3歳 ・ NAME : Suzu すずちゃん Breed : Scottish fold スコティッシュフォールド ? : 2018.3.21 1歳 . NAME : Lindor リンドール Breed : Teacup poodle ティーカッププードル ? : 2019.7.18 2ヶ月

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