Is it the pearly white whiskers or the pointy ears that perch when birds chirp?

Is it the silky fur or the echoing meow that makes one’s heart flutter at the sight of a cat? Whatever it is, cats have managed to capture the hearts of many and Pumpkin is no exception.

A youthful, sassy ginger cat with piercing eyes has won the hearts of many around this world by the mere act of strolling on the beach.

A once orphaned cat was adopted along with his brother, Moustache and began their lives with

Almost immediately the family fell in love with little old Pumpkin. His gleaming orange fur, dazzling paws and bizarre eyes brightened even the gloomiest days but what managed to captivate everyone was its personality. “Curious, charming, adventurous and intuitive”  were among the few words the family used to describe Pumpkin emphasizing on his love for new animals, pets and surroundings.

Another word that the family used to describe Pumpkin’s personality was “clumsy” to which they attributed to the diagnosed cerebral hypoplasia. Despite the fact, it has never stopped Pumpkin from enjoying the beauty of life. Cerebral hypoplasia in cats causes them to develop an unbalanced gait and normal day to day activities that cats perform become more of a task. Nevertheless, the family continued to love and care for Pumpkin.

Moreover on a recent trip to the beach, Pumpkin seemed to be entranced by the beauty of the waves sweeping across the ocean, exploring the heaps of sand, Pumpkin seemed to be in little cat heaven.

The peaceful dream that Pumpkin was so enveloped in was abruptly cut short by none other than the wind. The wind happened to be Pumpkin’s mortal enemy causing a completely different aspect of his personality to come out which was luckily caught on camera. The multiple emotions that Pumpkin portrayed within those five seconds were published on facebook and it is safe to say that the world fell in love. Within hours, the pictures were shared, reposted, placed in stories and made memes out of. Pumpkin was now an internet sensation.

A cat is a blessing in disguise. Their distinct personalities separate them from other animals and other cats as well. If you are the proud owner of a feline, take good care of it, you never know if your little one might be the next Pumpkin.

Image Credit & More Info; PumpKin the Cat/instagram | facebook

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