The covid-19 virus which started in March last was not able to control and we all understood the fact that it won’t end easily. It came to an opinion that a vaccine would be the best way to control it. The scientists stated that it would take some time to make a vaccine. After about a year the first vaccine is now accepted and people in Us are getting the vaccine done. Now even the celebrities are getting their vaccinations done. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had posted about them getting vaccines in a funny post.More info: Blakelively | Vancityreynolds

#1.Photos of ‘Deadpool’ getting the shots were shared.

#2. Ryan tweeted the photo captioning “finally got 5G”.

The couple had taken their shots on 31 March and had posted about it, Ryan was the first to post and he had captioned saying “ Finally got 5G”. It was just being the way he is, had made fun of  the facts connecting 5g and the virus, although the scientists have denied the facts the jokes are still around and not everyone is actually joking.

#3. Blake and Ryan were excited to get it.

May have also talked about the pink hat he wore. Even the actor with a good sense of humor has posted about the hat saying that science is sexy but the hat perhaps not. He also agrees with the fact that it was not really a good choice.

#4. Reynolds and wife in knit hats.

He had created a pool asking the followers “who wore it better” and included pictures of him and wife in knit hats. And Reynolds and Blake were almost at a tie. Reynolds was at 53%  and wife was 47%. The couple is famous on the internet as also is called the embodiment of what true love is.

#5. Blake also posted a photo of her getting vaccinated.

Lively has also posted after a couple of hours. She had captioned her post saying, find you someone who looks at you like I look at the heroic nurse vaccinating me.  

It’s nice that even the celebrities are getting the vaccinations done and setting an example. It could encourage people too. Scientists also believe that vaccines are a good way to stop the spreading of the virus.

#6. Here are some funny replies.

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