When we love someone we all do different things in order to test our bond. We might have done quizzes among us or may have stayed without talking to each other for a certain period of time. We all do different types of things, but there’s this Ukranian couple who has tested their love in a special way. They have chained themselves for 3 months in order to test their love.More Info: East2West


This couple, Alexander and Victoria had started their test on the valentine’s day. A worker from the national register of records in Ukraine had been assigned to keep track of this experiment. The love birds will be with each other every time.

Mental health of the couple had been checked before starting their love test. They had been chained together in front of the Unity Sculpture in Kyiv, Ukraine on that day.

Alexander had said that they were going for a record and there is a chain on them and all the links were chained. The final link was sealed with the seal of the  national  register of records.


On their way back the couple wanted to use the restroom and they had to decide between the ladies and gents restroom. And they’ve decided to use the female loo and the cleaner was also shocked.

It had been seen from the videos they’ve posted that they have been wearing clothes with zips from top to bottom so that they can dress and undress with ease.


The couple is well confident and sure with the fact that they can stay like that for 3 months.


It is said that they’ll need specialists from the emergency services to separate them if they wish to get separated during these months.

Check this video out!

We wish the couple best of luck!

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