The world has been developing its technology at a very fast rate and the old ways have been getting outdated from its use. Books have been converted into ebooks and multimedia forms very quickly. Lesser and lesser people are reading actual physical books now. But reading a book physically and visiting a library is a separate form of art that people practice, even though they could search and get the book they are looking for right on their digital devices.

There is something else about libraries. They have the most beautiful architectural layouts if you take a look around. Meet Reinhard Görner who is an architectural photographer who has been traveling the world to capture amazing sights of architecture. Among all his photo collections and series, “Libraries” is a very beautiful collection of photos of libraries all over the world. Please scroll down to check out some of these photos and read more about this story.More info & Photo courtesy: Reinhard Görner


Inter Arma Charitas II of Portugal (2016)


Cathedral of Books in Manchester (2017)

Taking almost a decade to complete this collection. Görner, traveled the globe to capture some of the most elegant 50 libraries. He is very interested in interiors with abundant space, good composition, and proper symmetry. These are the elements that make this photographer fall in love with these interiors. And this is also one of the main reasons why libraries give the readers the tranquility that they won’t feel at home or a bookshop.


Library Hall, Upper Lusatian Library of Sciences in Görlitz (2015)


Open Space, City Library of Stuttgart (2014)

You can visit his website and check on the entire collection of libraries or other amazing photography of this artist. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Library of Berlin (2010)


Palácio Nacional de Mafra I of Portugal (2016)


The Brain, Freie Universität of Berlin (2005)


Entrance of Biblioteca Joanina of Portugal (2015)


Duke Humfrey’s Library of Oxford (2017)


St. Peter’s Abbey II of Austria (2016)
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