A group of people were exploring the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Suddenly, they spotted a cheetah family gathering on the edge of a river. The river was flooded, its current was strong, but the animals didn’t care. They had just one goal in mind — crossing it — and they decided to go for it.

The biggest cheetahs leaped into the water, and the travelers immediately lost their breath. Soon, the other two followed. As everyone waited in anticipation, guessing whether the swimmers will make it to the other side, photographers Arnfinn Johansen and Buddhilini De Soyza seized the opportunity and took out their cameras. Both of them managed to perfectly capture the drama that unfolded.

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Image credits: Media Drum Images
Leopard group
Leopard crew

Photographer Arnfinn Johansen said he had been following the five cheetahs for a long time. “They hunt on both sides of the Talek River, [so it’s no wonder] they wanted to cross it. Normally, they would cross the river by walking on stones but this year, it had been raining for a long time and because of the flooding, it was very difficult for them to do so,” Johansen explained to Bored Panda. “They were walking up and down the river for quite a while, searching for a place to get to the other side. Because of the strong current, it was really dangerous. Also, that river is home to the Nile Crocodile for whom a cheetah can be an easy meal.”

Leopard that is victims
Image credits: Arnfinn Johansen

Johansen said that casualties were definitely possible that day. “Not long ago, another well-known cheetah drowned or got killed by the crocs when it was crossing the same river so it really was a big risk. After surveying the area for a long time, the five cheetah brothers went for it.”

Crossing the flood
Image credits: Media Drum Images Buddhilini De Soyza

“First, the leader cheetah jumped into the river, and two more soon followed. The two smallest cheetahs in the group waited for a few seconds before they followed as well.”

Jumping into the flood
Image Credits: Arnfinn Johansen
Jumped into the flood
Image credits: Arnfinn Johansen
Cheetah crossed the flood
Image credits: Arnfinn Johansen

Johansen said the pack were swimming as fast as they could. “You really could see they didn’t like it.” Luckily, all of the cheetahs managed to get to the other side alive, and when the leader cheetah shook his fur and his tail, he even hissed at the river.

Photographers Get To Witness 5 Cheetahs Crossing A Flooded River Infested With Crocodiles
Image credits: Arnfinn Johansen
Crossed the flood
Image credits: Media Drum Images
Cheetah brother crossed the flood
Image credits: Arnfinn Johansen
Cheetah brother crossed
Image credits: Arnfinn Johansen

Article written by Rokas Laurinavičius and Mantas Kačerauskas

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