High or low generally we all have some kind of sense of humor within us, which comes out only when we feel comfortable among people, it is always amazing to hang around people with a high sense of humor, those laugh and memories we make all thanks to our sense of humor, once in a while we all try wired and funny outfits and looked in the mirror just to laugh at our self.

These chicken leg printed socks are specifically made for those moments when we goof around with our family and friends.

I hope farmers would love wearing these socks all day long.

Since we are on the topic of chickens, let us discuss some fun facts about them! Did you know there are more chickens than humans on this planet? According to Smithsonian magazine, there are 25 billion chickens around the world, which is about 3 chicken per person.

Baby chickens are called chicks and female chickens are called pullets and when they are old enough to lay eggs we call them hens, and male chickens are called cockerels or roosters.

What do you think about chicken leg socks? Would you gift them to your friend? I know I would.

More info: Amazon

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get these awesome chicken socks!


















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