COVID-19 the deadly virus that has spread globally causing an exceptional upward increase within the range of infected patients or positive cases, and deaths from hundreds to thousands at a rapid speed over the last three and a half months and day by day which make us feel like there is not going to be a stop to this epidemic. It has been stated multiple times by many medical professionals of New York medical repatriation that children have much less risk of being a high chance of contracting the coronavirus than adults, but there may be a high possibility for a child or even an infant to contract the lethal virus. A few days ago, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control released an announcement of information which revealed a two-month-old baby girl has tested positive the deadly coronavirus and is also the youngest person in the U.S to be tested positive when just days earlier a seven-month-old baby boy was confirmed as a positive case for COVID-19 with a raging fever of 104.

Ashley Hildebrand, the mom of the two-month-old baby girl named Ellie published a Facebook post on her daughter who’s presently being treated after been tested positive for COVID-19 a few days ago. The heartbroken mother shared shocking images of her in a hospital bed sedated with tubes up her nose, and a ventilator to assist Ellie to breathe efficiently.

Ellie showed no other symptoms aside from being ‘a little wheezy on and off’ before she suddenly ‘stopped breathing efficiently’. With no time losing Ashley and her husband had dialed 911 for an ambulance to rush Ellie to the hospital as her oxygen level was at 58 when the ambulance had arrived at their home. When two-month-old Ellie had arrived at the hospital, she had got hypothermic which whilst the doctors had said some babies get cold rather than getting a fever. But neither the medical experts had wasted time to medically assist this little angel. They tested her for any type of flu and even SARS but every test that was done came back normal. This was strange because the symptoms Ellie was displaying didn’t add up to the symptoms displayed the COVID-19 virus, as stated by the medical professionals. But, just to be safe they had tested her for COVID-19 which shockingly came out positive. Neither the doctors of the hospital who were monitoring Ellie nor Ellie’s parents have thought she would a positive confirmed case for the deadly virus as the doctors mentioned the symptoms don’t add up and Ashley and her husband, Ellie’s parents, were not sure nor knew she had been exposed to the virus at any time.

At present Ellie is being treated and taken care of in a hospital intensive care unit in South Carolina while Ashley and her husband are at home self-quarantined. Ashley says it’s so hard knowing their baby girl is in a hospital all alone. And it is heart-wrenching when you are a parent. Any parent would not like to see their child in a hospital bed fighting for life. The number of COVID-19 cases affecting babies is currently ramping up across the US, dispelling previous assumptions that young crowd in society are less affected by deadly COVID-19.

Thankfully in a recent update by Ellie’s mother, Ellie has begun to show small signs of improvement. For now, just like the rest of the world, the Hildebrand family is taking it one day at a time.

Let us just take a moment to pray for everyone who is affected by this deadly virus and their families and loved ones, and also let us all as one combat this virus for good.

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