When you look at the television you might think that doing photoshoots might be easy as they are shown on the TV in a very leisurely way. But when it comes to the models in China it is not that easy. They have to change about 100 outfits in one day and therefore the opposing also should be done fastly. When seen the behind-the-scenes of shoots the poses are done in an effortless but fast way.

Shanghai Expat had put a video where you can see the fastness of the model while posing. The outfits they show are on Taobao, china’s version of Amazon. The lady does many poses and even uses accessories at times it’s very impressive. She does it in a very short period of time. It is said that they do 2 poses of average within a second. And in this 15s video, there are about 30 poses.It’s not an easy thing to model for Taobao. It is said by the Chinadaily that there are models who do about seven hundred poses for 150 different outfits during the working time of a day. The time they get to change is 1min and they have a 10min lunchtime. The work is worth it as there are top models who get about $1,500 per day.

 #1 The way they do it is very impressive to watch

#2 While watching these you’ll feel like you are in a class learning to pose like them

#3 About 150 outfits are changed during one day

#4 An average of 2 poses are done per second

h/t: [PetaPixel]

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