Every day since the outbreak, hundreds of nurses and doctors have been giving their strength to fight the coronavirus. The Coronavirus novel has already killed 1115 people and infected 45,171 people worldwide. The virus has reached 27 countries, but most cases are in China. Although cases in China appear to be leveling the virus, the virus is still considered a major threat, with thousands of victims left in the hands of medical carers. The volume of patients nurses and doctors have taken extreme measures to treat patients more effectively. One of these measures is to shave the head to reduce the risk of contamination.

credit: XHNews

A video released by China’s largest newspaper shows nurses from Shanxi province shaving their heads before heading to Wuhan.

Long hair spreads pathogens and carries the risk of cross-contamination.

This makes it difficult to wear and remove safety hazmat suits and masks. Both doctors and nurses try to save time as efficiently as possible, so it is decided to get rid of their hair altogether.

A nurse went viral for baldness at the end of January in preparation for caring for coronavirus patients. Shaun Xia, a young nurse who works at Wuhan University’s Renmin Hospital, shared her hair shaved before and after pictures, showing commitment and loyalty to her work.

Image credits: kondekturbus_
Image credits: kondekturbus_
Image credits: kondekturbus_

Besides cutting and shaving hair, doctors and nurses wear adult diapers so they don’t have to rest in the bathroom during long and exhausting shifts in hospitals.

Candice Qin, from Beijing, told The Washington Post: “I think it’s a hard thing for every doctor in Wuhan, every nurse, physically and mentally. We know that patients care, but we also need to keep in mind that doctors are human as well.”

People from all over the world are grateful for the hard work of medical staff.

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nice article