Shooting safely, whether for hunting or for sport, requires the right gear. One of the most important purchases you’ll make is a pair of quality shooting glasses. Learn why safety glasses come in different colors, how to choose the best color, and where to find affordable and reliable glasses online. Don’t miss your next shot due to poor lighting conditions, but shoot straight and accurately with the right shooting glasses.

The Importance of Protective Lenses

Regardless of the lens color you choose, be sure your shooting glasses have safety lenses. Don’t choose a stylish pair that isn’t designed for rugged shooting environments, or you could risk eye damage. Protect your eyes while improving your sight with safety shooting glasses in one of these lens colors.

Clear Lenses

Many protective shooting glasses come with clear lenses. Other colors, while offering different points of protection, can also distract shooters from the target. You may not receive the same UV protection or other improvements, but clear lenses are still a great option for low-light situations.

Blue or Purple Lenses

For hunters searching through strong green color tones to find a target, blue and purple lenses tend to bring out the difference between green and other colors more prominently. Choose this option if you easily lose deer, rabbits, and other game in trees and bushes.

Gray Lenses

Gray lenses are perfect for midday target shooting. These darkened lenses shield your eyes from the overall amount of light you see, so they’re great for bright, sunny days.

Brown or Tan Lenses

When you’re looking for UV protection and assistance spotting moving targets, consider brown or tan lenses. These safety glasses lenses work by protecting your eyes from bright conditions and bringing out orange tones more vividly. They’re excellent if you’re trying to spot small game in a bright environment while hunting or looking for clays as you target shoot.

Amber Lenses

A great low-light option is amber lenses. These lenses block some blue light and allow you to see more in cloudy conditions. If your target is blending in and you’re struggling to find contrast, try out amber lenses.

Orange Lenses

A specialized target shooting lens option is orange lenses. These block blue light and make your orange practice targets really stand out. Hit the trap and skeet range with confidence and outperform others while protecting your eyes with orange sunglasses.

Yellow Lenses

A common shooting glasses option for hazy or foggy days is yellow shooting lenses. These lenses create detailed edges on targets that might otherwise blend into the background. They filter out blue light, which is particularly useful in light fog or hazy conditions.

Best Shooting Glasses Lens Color

Shop for Your Shooting Glasses Today

Don’t let your next big game or long-range target get away from you. Shop for the best shooting safety glasses today at Marvel Optics. From rugged clear lens options to specialized amber lenses, you’ll find the best sunglasses and specialized shooting lenses you need to outperform the competition. Shoot safely, see clearly, and protect your eyes with affordable shooting glasses at Marvel Optics.

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