Many would agree that there is no happier and more exciting time than winter vacation. After all, the season of giving and the time for family and friends… and the perfect time to build a Godzilla Christmas tree.

#1 Steven Newland Took The Unusual Route For Christmas And Built A Human-Sized Godzilla Christmas Tree

Steven Newland, a 36-year-old float aviator from Rotorua, New Zealand, contacted Borat Panda, deciding on his Christmas tree design once and for all. The result was Dristilla, a Christmas tree that looked like Godzilla. Okay, minus the actual amount.

Image credits: Steven Newland

#2 It’s Impressive What You Can Do With Some Wire, Weed Mat, 4 Christmas Trees, Decorations & A Fog Machine

He got this idea from his 4-year-old son who loves Dinosaurs. After that, he planned to do with breath smoke, which would make it amazing. Impressive Dresilla was built using a few regular household items: a 10-meter chicken wire, a weed, a plastic tooth, paper nails, Christmas lights and four different fir trees. For added effect, it was fitted with a fog machine that could be remotely controlled and refilled using fog machine fluid.The tree reaches a height of 1.8 meters, which is slightly higher than the average person’s height. So, this may not be as great as the real Godzilla monster, but at least it might look like this for kids.

#3 After Some Time, The Treezilla Was Auctioned Off With Partial Proceeds Going To Charity

Image credits: Steven Newland

#4 Christmas Gifts Were Used To Hide Some Of The Structural Parts Of The Tree, Like The Tree Stand

After about a year of saving, Newland decided to auction it off online. After 34 auctions, he sold Trisilla at TradeMe for $ 415 New Zealand (about $ 270 USD). He had a $ 250 reserve, so everything above that number went to Canteen Children’s Charity, which supports young people with cancer.

#5 Take a look at the Treezilla in action, spewing smoke & looking menacing

#6 Newland Is Also The Man Behind The Pac Man Acrace Christmas Tree

This is not Newland’s first non-traditional Christmas tree. In previous years, he came and built a packed man-arcade themed Christmas tree and an amazing half and half portal themed Christmas tree.

#7 Impressive Portal-Themed Christmas Tree

What are some interesting Christmas tree ideas you have made in the past? Let us know in the comments below.

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