You know that plastic has become a great problem in the world now. Plastics of 8M metric tons which are almost the weight of 90 aircraft carriers anyhow go to the oceans each year, the scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had estimated so. The Pabobo, Paper Bottle Company wants to help out by making degradable bottles out of plant sugars to use instead of plastic bottles.

Avantium and ALPLA and research companies are now joined with a paper packaging developer BillerudKorsnäs who had started this initiative first in 2013. In October 2019 it was stated by the project that Coca-Cola, Absolut, and L’Oreal had joined with them.  It was said in a press release by Carlsberg who is a partner of the project for a long time that they are working on the development of the world’s first paper beer bottle which is made of wood fibers and had said that the bottles are 100% bio-based and are recyclable. After some time from the statement they as proof, they had put the first paper bottle for Pilsner beer on their social media.More info & Photo courtesy: The Paper Bottle Company


Photo: Paboco

PEF, a plant-based polymer is used in making these bottles. It is expected that the bottles would be able to recycle and degrade naturally in the time of a year. The company which makes the bottles says that they hope the bottles would be ready for consumer use by 2023. Christina Carlsen the technical director at Paboco says that being a part of this from the start, inventing the technology, and building the first machine by her own hands is her chance to make a difference. She had said that a difference towards a world free of plastic for future generations. Also had said that they are not just making a bottle but is bringing a difference.

Almost all the countries in the world are trying to contribute to sustainability initiatives such as the plan to ban plastic bags which is done in China. You can see that the world is trying to make a difference in the world. And is trying to reduce the problems caused by plastics in the world.

#2 Popular companies are also supporting this project

Photo: Paboco


Photo: Paboco


Photo: Paboco

#5 This could help to reduce the problems caused by plastics in the world

Photo: NOAA


Photo: Carlsberg

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