Pollution has increased and accelerated in the modern world to a point that it has become one of the main international concerns. The sea, the environment, and even the atmosphere. So, there are many countries and companies, joining hands to find solutions and alternatives for the menacing plastic that is causing a lot of destruction on this planet.

One of the biggest and the most popular beverage companies in the world; ‘Coca-Cola‘ has taken an initiative to replace plastic in their products. This was considered when it became the worst polluting brand in the world for multiple years. But this time, they have come up with a sustainable alternative that could be the spearhead of sustainable packaging in the industry. They have presented the world with their new concept for their latest type of bottle; a Paper Bottle. Yes, you might not have heard or expected a major beverage company such as Coca-Cola to move from a plastic bottle to a paper product. But this is real and it can change the plastic usage of the entire food and beverage industry dramatically.

More info & Photo courtesy: Coca-ColaPaboco


Image Credits: Coca-Cola

This paper bottle is a sustainable product that is tested as a prototype currently. If and when this product completes its trial stages. It will be released to the world for mass consumption. This will reduce the plastic usage of the company which will take off a lot of plastic that is supposed to be dumped will be reduced to a huge amount.


Image Credits: Coca-Cola

This created was crafted by partnering up with Paboco – The Paper Bottle Company. They produce a lot of sustainable products such as bottles and straws.

So, this trail of 2000 bottles will be tested locally and then it will be decided what changes or if it is ready to be mass-produced. Anyways this will be a great initiative led by the Coca-Cola company. Scroll down to check out the video below.


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