Here’s the perfect chance for the stuck-at-home, pet-loving amateur or professional photographers to showcase their talents. Regardless of your photography skills, if you can capture and submit photos of funny pet friends, you have the opportunity to win a prize of  3000 euros. Furthermore, you’ll be titled as the 2020 Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photographer of the year!

Don’t just think of it as a competition. It’s a charity. This competition is organized by the Comedy Pet Photo awards to raise money for the Blue Cross organization in the United Kingdom. It is a pet charity that finds new homes for forsaken pets.

The main sponsor of the competition, Mars Petcare, aims to demonstrate the influence of pets on humans during a time of social distancing and to raise attention for the abandoned pets in the United Kingdom.

#1 What In The World…?

funny dog
Image credits – Connie Fore

#2 I’m A Boss!

funny horse
Image credits – Nando Harmsen

#3 Dance Like The Wolves

funny wolf
Image credits – Vincent Guilbaud

#4 I Love Digging

funny dog
Image credits – Anne Lise Gramstad

#5 When Will Lockdown Be Over?

funny dogs
Image credits – Stasys Povilaitis

#6 I’m So Long

funny cat
Image credits – Brecht Van Gampelaere

#7 Slightly To The Left, Please

funny cat selfie
Image credits – Gabriel Constantin Marian

#8 Supercat!

Image credits – Heather Ross

Top 40 entries will be announced on the 31st of August by an experienced panel of judges comprised of Kate Humble, TV vet Emma Milne and an expert on animal welfare from Blue Cross. After analyzing all the entries by the Comedy pet team, finalists will be announced on September 28th following the announcement of the winner on November 19th.

10% of the sponsorship fee and 10% of the entry fee of 5 euros will be donated to Blue Cross to lend a helping hand for the ill, poorly brought up, disabled and vagrant pets across the country. Therefore, if you are willing to contribute to a charity and showcase your skills and perhaps earn a price at the same, don’t miss this chance!

#9 Joe Exotic Cosplayer

funny animals
Image credits – Heather Ross

#10 Besties

Image credits – Nir Natan

#11 Laughing Burro

funny donkey
Image credits – Peggy VanSickle

#12 I’m Here!

funny dog
Image credits – Morgan Rymerson

#13 Who Need Feathers When You Have Earflaps?

flying cat
Image credits – Jim Zuckerman

#14 So Funny

funny dog
Image credits – Stephen DeHavilland

#15 Cheese Lover

cheesy dog
Image credits – Connie Fore

#16 Best Buddies

funny donkey
Image credits – Georgie Bain

#17 Shadowlands

funny cats
Image credits – Alice Van Kempen

#18 Mack And Iza

dog and girl
Image credits – Daniel Sullam

#19 Herding Cats

fighting cats
Image credits – Barb Wentzel

#20 Hey, Pretty

dog and bone
Image credits – Patrik Junior Kanin de Vargas
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