These 39 photos of silly animals will surely add a smile to your face. Comedy wildlife photography 2019 has delighted everyone, going on its 5th ceremony, still hasn’t failed to put a smile on everyone with the stellar quality of their entrants in both technical and comedic sense.

Founders of the awards Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam want to send out a serious message behind all the laughter Remember, we are all about conservation,” they write on their website. “We want you to take up our banner of wildlife conservation, bang the drum, beat the cymbal, and make some noise, we need to spread the word – wildlife, as we know it, is in danger, all over the world and we need to do something to help save it. You can start by going and having a look at what the Born Free Foundation are doing at

Judges faced a nigh-impossible task to lessen is down to 40 finalists as the competition was so high. However, they were able to sort it out at the end, and the results are here, who do you think would win scroll down below and check it out, and don’t forget to pick your favorite ones, let us know what you think, in the comments.

Tom Sullum one of the founders of the ceremony said “Personally I think this is the best selection of finalists we’ve yet had,” he told us. “The competition is reaching more and more people and we had thousands of entries from approximately 80 countries. We love that this competition is border-free!”

#1 Family Disagreement

Vlado Pirsa

#2 Holly Jolly Snowy

Vicki Jauron

#3 Oh My

Harry Walker

“Our key message this year is that everyone can do their bit to help conservation. It doesn’t need to be a huge effort, just a little effort by each of us and we can make a difference. We have a few tips and tricks for people to make easy conservation initiatives:”


Yup, this is super easy for everyone to do. For example; don’t buy products that have palm oil, because the palm oil plantations are destroying rainforests and thus affecting the global weather. Try and avoid un-recyclable products. Give yourself a mission – ok how about one yogurt pot per person per week of non-recyclable products? It is possible, you know. We have a great mate in London who does just that.


Ok, this is the thing, each time you flush the loo we send approx. 20ltrs of water down the drain – seriously, it is crazy. So “If it is yellow, let it mellow”…you know the rest…! Have shorter showers, water your garden a little less. Imagine if we all stop flushing our loos each time we did a wee, then billions and billions of liters of fresh water would be saved and available to rush down rivers, feed the fish, save the lakes and enable forests and trees and plants to flourish and grow which adds oxygen to our environment as well as supply homes and food for a global plethora of wildlife.

#4 Deer? What Deer?

Mike Rowe

#5 Laid Back

Thomas Mangelsen


Yup, you heard it here first. This is a special person who may be not a mega activist, but really, really cares about the environment and what is happening so you do a few very simple and easy things. For example, encourage your friends and family about some of the simple things we have mentioned above, talk about it in social media, in the pub, at work. Does your workplace subscribe to some good environmental practices? Find really awesome conservation organizations and engage with them on email, or social media. Email or write to your local government representative, maybe an MP, a House of Rep, a counselor and find out what they are doing to help the wildlife around the world. Hold your elected representatives accountable. You have a voice, we all do, use it and don’t be afraid.

#6 He’s Right Behind Me Isn’t He?

Anthony N Petrovich

#7 Excuse Me

James Vodicka

Tom says that the wildlife photographers have a broader variety of animals photographed since they are a mix of around 30% professional and 70% amateur. The message that the organizers want to promote is one of wildlife conservation.

“Our strong belief here at Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is that the smallest thing can help conservation,” Tom explained. “By following Born Free on social media you have made one positive step. By supporting them financially, you make another big step. By sharing our posts, by buying the book, by keeping the conversation going… all these things help raise the issues of wild animal conservation.”

#8 Grab Life By The…

lion cub
Sarah Skinner

#9 Squirrel Wishes

Geert Weggen

#10 Hi

Donna Bourdon

#11 Warning: Territory Marking. Follow At Your Own Risk

Tilakraj Nagaraj

#12 Chest Bump

penguin seal
Thomas Mangelsen

#13 Monday Morning Blues

Eric Fisher

#14 One Two Three Four Five … I’m Going To Find You

tree bear
Valtteri Mulkahainen

#15 Hello

praying mantis
Kevin Sawford

#16 Laughing Zebra

Laughing Zebra
Peter Haygarth

#17 Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day
Eric Keller

#18 That’s Hilarious Steve

sea lion
Lloyd Durham

#19 Space Man

Roie Galitz

#20 Dancing … Yeah

Martina Gebert

#21 Pair Ice Skating

Andre Erlich

#22 Indecent Proposal

Co Grift

#23 Who Would Like A Peanut? Squirrels At The University Of Michigan

Corey Seeman

#24 Hide

polar bear
Marion Vollborn

#25 Waltz Gone Wrong

Alastair Marsh

#26 To Be Or Not To Be?

Txema Garcia Laseca

#27 Inconspicuous

Eric Keller

#28 Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?

Bob Carter

#29 Surfing South Atlantic Style

penguin in sea
Elmar Weiss

#30 Lost

Susan Knowler

#31 Hang On

Adwait Aphale

#32 Lion Take Away

Willem Kruger

#33 Sea Otter Tickle Fight

Andy Harris

#34 Snarling Snappin In The Slow Lane

Lisa Vanderhoop

#35 I’m Open

Ryan Jefferds

#36 What Are You Looking For?

Pablo Daniel Fernández

#37 Grizzly Babies

black bear
Toni Elliott

#38 Hip Hop

Philip Marazzi

#39 Baboon Fishing

Willem Kruger
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2 years ago

These are great!! I laughed till I cried!! Thanks!!