“Love”… “love” is an intense feeling of deep affection. Love is a beautiful thing. Love is the weapon that holds the whole world without blasting. People sacrifice a lot of things in their lives when they are in love.

Everything starts with love. Everything is decidd by love. A Filipino girl proved this by creating an unforgettable Comic to her boyfriend which has now become popular.

Rueanne Alaon is a first-year college student in the Philippines. She studies Multimedia Arts. She is a professional dancer as well as a comic creator. She is famous for her comic creations and comic memes, and she handles her own comic page.

Currently, she is popular for her newest work which is a comic she made for her boyfriend as an anniversary gift. This comic consists of the 15 steps that took for her and her partner to confess their feelings to each other and start dating.

Image Source: Facebook

The 15 Steps Of Their Love Story 



In the same dance group


Being silent for 2 months


Taking the girl's adapter


Asking for the adapter


Spending the time together


Hugging while crying


Beach trip with him


Traveling together by bus


Struggling with your own feelings


Asking for a short beach walk

Can we talk?

Sitting together while chatting



The girl is questioning herself

She is struggling emotionally


Confess back


Act normal


Both are going together while living in their own worlds


holding hands

The End

the anniversary gift

This cute work explains perfectly how a misplaced adapter brought them together. But the people who are enjoying her artwork, as well as their love story, doubt whether Alaon’s boyfriend has intentionally taken her adapter, not mistakenly.

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