The safety measures for truck drivers and car drivers are totally different. When driving on a highway, you have to be more cautious for your and others’ safety. You need to stay vigilant in the road while driving your truck as the lives of others are also precious.

If you are in an accident, specifically while driving a truck, you can seek help from a San Francisco truck accident attorney. However, it is important to keep some prevention tips in mind.

Common Trucking Accident Prevention Tips For Highway Drivers

This article will help you with 7 common trucking accident prevention tips for all highway drivers. Following these tips, you will be able to eliminate the risk of trucking accidents. Let’s look into these tips.

Common Trucking Accident Prevention Tips For Highway Drivers

1.     When Following A Truck Allow More Space

A larger vehicle will always limit your visibility of what is ahead. Furthermore, it can slow the traffic and create problems for the smaller vehicles. When you have plenty of space between your car and the truck in front of you, you will get more time to react in case you need to make a sudden swerve or stop.

2.     Stay Out Of The Truck’s Blind Spot

The side mirrors are there for a reason. Check the side mirrors of the truck to find the location of the other vehicles behind you. It is always advised to pass a truck on the side of the driver. On the passenger side, they have a much wider blind spot. So, choose the left lane for passing.

3.     Be Very Careful When You Pull Over On The Highway

When you are driving on the highway, always try to find a designated pull-over spot or a wide shoulder if you need to pull over in between the exits. Pulling over at the wrong place or spot is the reason for many trucking accidents. There are many instances when a car is pulled over, and a passing truck swiped it, which swerves a bit onto the shoulder.

4.    If A Truck Is Turning Use caution

In comparison to a car, a truck always needs more clearance. In addition to this, the truck driver has less visibility. So, if you are required to judge the speed of a truck when it is approaching an intersection, or for a turn, how much space it will need, always allow more space.

Common Trucking Accident Prevention Tips For Highway Drivers

5.     When Passing In Front of A truck Leave Space

Compared to a passenger car, a truck is always much heavier. It implies that it will also need more distance to stop. It is always advised not to cut in front of a large truck. If you cannot pass with plenty of space, it will be much better to stay in your lane.

6.     Be Predictable

In any driving situation, this is very important, especially when considering the proximity of large trucks. Use the signals clearly, so that the truck driver can see what you intend to do. Without using your signals, never turn or change your lanes.

7.     Avoid Distracted Driving

Particular highway driving can be too long and boring. But that does not mean you will let yourself become distracted or too fatigued while driving. While driving, do not use your phone or car radio. If you feel tired, take a break and never wait until you start to nod off. Otherwise, you can get yourself seriously injured or killed.

Common Trucking Accident Prevention Tips For Highway Drivers

Bottom Line

There you have it. Here are the common trucking accident prevention tips for highway drivers. However, even after following these tips, you become a part of a truck accident; you can rely on personal injury law for justice. Remember that you are driving with large vehicles with heavier loads and not with a small vehicle like yours. So, you need to be much more cautious when you are around a truck.

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