With the development of technology, smart bracelets and smart watches have replaced the previous decorations. If we need the time, both products can accomplish their mission well. Why do smart watches and smart bracelets exist at the same time?

First of all, smart watches are an extension of smart phones. It can receive messages and reply. Smart bracelets do not have these functions. Smart bracelet has some functions of health monitoring and collecting exercise data, and the smart watch also has these functions.

When you are driving, smart bracelets can be used to make phone calls. You can hold the steering wheel and control the smart bracelet by voice. There is no need to take out the mobile phone. It is very convenient. Many smart watches can be bound to their own devices. Such as Apple Watch and AirPods. When you are running, Apple Watch can connect to Airpods to listen to music. This can avoid the embarrassing scene of running with a mobile phone and no place to put it. There are other functions suitable for mobile phones. In contrast, smart bracelets have few functions.

Comparison between Smart Bracelet and Smart Watch

Does that mean that smart bracelets are useless? Of course not. The advantage of smart watches is that they are the extension of smart phones. But smart watches will be bound to their brands. Once you switch to different brands of smart phones or devices, you will not be able to use many functions. The smart bracelet has no such problem at all. No matter what kind of smartphone or device you are, it can match.

Smart watches have rich functions. This requires more powerful hardware to support it. This makes smart watches heavier. The final weight is about 80g. The intelligent bracelet does not need high performance because of its simple functions. The weight is less than half that of a smart watch. The same is true for battery life. For its powerful function, the smart watch has a battery life of less than one week. In order to adapt to mobile phones, smart watches of some brands may last less than one day. Comparing the battery life of the smart bracelet for 7-30 days. It can be said that in terms of battery life, the smart bracelet won.

Comparison between Smart Bracelet and Smart Watch

Smart watches have powerful functions. They are still not as good as mobile phones. People often carry their mobile phones with them. People don’t often use smart watches.

The important problem is that the price of smart watches is too high. It costs £ 29. 9 to buy HONOR Band 5. The price of a smart watch is dozens of times that of it.

This is the difference between smart watches and smart bracelets. You must choose according to your own situation. If you have many devices of a certain brand and have sufficient funds, you can buy a smart watch. The smart watch has many functions. It can give you good using experience. But if you just need a smart wearable device. That smart bracelet will suit you better.

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