Dealing with child birth is hard enough, but it is much harder for working mothers to juggle with parenthood and their jobs. The reason for this is an American receives an average of 12 weeks if Maternity leave and most of the companies have tricky payment / returning policies. The economic status is the key reason why many new mothers have to show up at work no matter how hard it is to handle.

This is a story about such a mother, a director of product operations at Salt Lake City Education Company; Rachel Larsen who confessed her story via LinkedIn after 4 long years.More info & Credits: Original Interview | Rachel’s Post.

Rachel Larsen sheds tears as she shares her emotional story. She had to think about it for 4 years until she decided to confess it in public. This is because Rachel was aware what the general responses from the companies would be. But she did not want to be a less of a mother and decided to share her story with the world.

Returning to work after childbirth can become different experiences for different people. For some, it can be a relief from a never-ending course of attending the baby. Some show up at work to feel young and to be their past self again. But the truth is maternity is hard and having to deal with that and a job together is almost impossible.

America has a toxic corporate culture where humanity is now being diminished. New mothers in such corporate environments have to go through a tremendous pressure in handling their family and their work.

A report by UNICEF shows that Estonia is one of the best family-friendly countries in the world. They potentially offer around 80 weeks of paid leave for new mothers.

But sadly America is at the bottom, considering family-friendly paid leaves.

People agrees with Rachel.

Rachel invites all the silenced parents to speak up and share their story with the world. Because, almost every parent goes through this.

Some dropped in arguments as well.

And there were generalized opinions joining.

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